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Stockwell is a district in inner South London, located in the Borough of Lambeth. According to the UK Office for National Statistics (2011), the majority ethnic group is White, and the majority religious grouping is Christian.

The following is adapted from Wikipedia:

The area is home to one of the UK’s biggest Portuguese communities, known as ‘Little Portugal’. There are many Portuguese cafes, restaurants, bakeries, neighbourhood associations and delicatessens. Stockwell is also home to many people of Caribbean and West African origin. They are also well represented in the local population, and cafes, grocers, barbers’ shops and salons run by people from these communities are scattered around Stockwell.

Famous former and current residents of Stockwell include David Bowie, Gary Raymond, Lilian Bayliss, Edward Thomas, Vincent van Gogh (briefly), Violette Szabo, Joanna Lumley, Jerry Dammers, Roger Moore, Nathaniel Clyne, Will Self, and footballer Paul Davis, who played for Arsenal.

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